Rent-A-Tech Service Plans
Why do you need a Rent-A-Tech Service Plan? * A small charge maybe incured inorder to satisfy manufacturers warranty.

Service Plan Cost £15
(inc VAT)
(inc VAT)
Any Make or Model
Any Age Vehicle
Full Service
Annual MOT included
Labour Discount 10% 10%
Parts Discount 10%

Set up a Service Plan in five steps
Nobody likes big bills suddenly landing on the doorstep, like the electricity bill at the end of the winter quarter just when money is tight, or the shock of the hefty council tax charge. That’s why the majority of us pay our domestic bills by standing order. With a Service Plan you can also avoid having to pay for your annual car maintenance in one lump sum. Our Service Plan enables you to make low fixed monthly payments to cover your routine servicing costs. To find out more about how you can benefit by signing up to a Service Plan contact us today!

For more information please call 07825 99 30 53 or visit our contact page.

*terms and conditions apply

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